Desert Tech.308W Silencer TTNM

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Desert Tech.308W Silencer TTNM

Desert Tech SRS Suppressor Assembly (silencer) for .308 Winchester, Titanium

The DTSS Suppressor was designed to enhance accuracy, repeatability, and minimize impact shift between suppressed and unsuppressed fire.


Accurate Angle GraphicDesert Tech Accuracy Test Target

DESERT TECH SOUND SUPPRESSORS typically improve rifle accuracy by 1/4 MOA or better. Our weldless mono-core designs uniformly strip away gas from the projectile as it exits the muzzle. This avoids gas disturbance and maximizes projectile stability.

Lightweight Box


Lightweight Angle Graphic

At 1 pound, the full-titanium DTSS is the lightest .308 caliber full-auto rated silencer in the world.

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Minimal Impact Shift Box


MIS Angle Graphic

The Desert Tech Sound Suppressor’s impact shift is minimized due to the silencer’s ultra-lightweight design and the uniform mono-core precision.

Desert Tech Minimal Impact Shift Image



Self-Tightening Angle Graphic

Our patented baffle design intentionally spins the muzzle gases to ensure the silencer does not loosen during strings of fire.

Desert Tech Baffle Suppressor Graphic